Cannondale uses SocialFusion to showcase content and reward voters

Published on April 11th, 2014

Cannondale has deployed two versions of Friend2Friend’s SocialFusion, one on the Cannondale Facebook Page for fans to submit user-generated content and the other to be showcased at biking events to garner on-site engagement. The first one allows Cannondale to showcase a variety of owned and user-generated content, the second one gives fans a chance to win a grand prize by voting for top entries and submitting their email.

You can visit the #OverMountain SocialFusion gallery on Cannondale’s Facebook page here and the #OverMountain voting contest here.



Vail Valley Foundation uses SocialFusion to find the ultimate outdoor family

Published on April 11th, 2014

The Vail Valley Foundation has deployed Friend2Friend’s SocialFusion on the Mountain Games Facebook page to give their fans a chance to win an outdoor gear and travel package. Fans can upload their outdoor family adventures using the #UltimateMTNFamily hashtag. Submissions can then be voted on directly on the SocialFusion galley by the Mountain Games’ Facebook fans.

You can visit the #UltimateMTNFAmily SocialFusion gallery on the Mountain Games Facebook Page here.


The Hierarchy of Social Engagement

Published on March 24th, 2014

Reflecting on Ellen DeGeneres’ famous selfie at the Oscars, Friend2Friend CEO Roger Katz explains how this exposes the hierarchy of social engagement. Here’s an excerpt:

In the hierarchy of social engagement value, simple likes and retweets come at the bottom. One click, and your audience has said, in passing, that they agree with you or like you. But the engagement ends the moment it happens — it has very little life, or value, beyond the click. Brands need a huge volume of them to make a difference.

Read more about the social engagement hierarchy at

Samsung helps LinkedIn users become industry leaders

Published on March 19th, 2014

Samsung has launched the Samsung Knox “How Do You Match Up?” LinkedIn Profile Analyzer, powered by Friend2Friend, for LinkedIn users to compare themselves to industry leaders and learn how to improve their work-life balance. Users connect their LinkedIn account to the Profile Analyzer and get detailed information on their personal network, articles and people their industry’s leaders are reading and following, and tips on maintaing a healthy work-life balance.

Check out the profile analyzer at


Statoil uses LinkedIn to connect users with their country’s energy facts

Published on March 7th, 2014

Statoil has launched a Friend2Friend-powered infographic that allow users to connect their LinkedIn profiles for a look at their respective country’s energy facts. The infographic compares the user to compare their country’s energy facts, all of which are shareable, to any other country in the world. The infographic also allows users to join the Energy Innovation by Statoil LinkedIn Group, answer poll questions, and recommend the infographic to their friends.

Check out the infographic on Statoil’s Energy Realities website.


How Social Audiences Can Revive the Dying Corporate Website

Published on February 26th, 2014

Highlighting two extraordinary Super Bowl campaigns, Friend2Friend CEO Roger Katz, in our latest ClickZ article, explains how the tide is shifting against corporate websites that don’t incorporate social media. Here’s an excerpt:

Today’s consumer audiences experience most of their digital interaction through the prism of social platforms. They choose what they want to see, and the filters through which they see it. So when consumers go to a typical corporate website today, the experience is jarring. Sometimes so jarring that it makes the brand feel outdated. Even though they may visit only irregularly, people’s expectations about what they should see on a consumer brand website has changed. They expect to see a more social world reflected. They expect to see friends, or at least “real” people. They expect to be engaged and entertained. And they expect to be able to participate. All this requires content – content that’s fresh and dynamic, and content that’s authentic.

Read more about how social can revive the corporate website at

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