Yesterday, Facebook announced the new “Preferred Marketing Developer Program.” We’re excited to be included in this new program, as an officially recognized Apps developer for Facebook.

Friend2Friend was an early member of the original developer program (PDC). Our business is laser focused on connecting brands and consumers through innovative engagement applications on Facebook and other social platforms.

We think Facebook’s new Preferred Marketing Program is a tremendously exciting moment for the Facebook ecosystem. The Program is focused on supporting and growing the key disciplines that brand marketers must master to effectively reach and engage consumers — a critical task on this cornerstone brand community.

Friend2Friend is currently designated as a PMD in the area of “Applications.” Friend2Friend’s branded applications are designed to offer consumers a range of social experiences through which they communicate a brand’s story to their friends. This emphasis on building “branded experiences” to create stories fits perfectly into Facebook’s overall emphasis on brand stories being the new ad.

We’re really excited to be part of this new initiative, and to expand on our work with hundreds of consumer brands to help engage and entertain consumers on social platforms.